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Kelly Long

Kelly is a Northern Irish actress based in London and Belfast. She grew up horse-riding at her parents' livery yard and putting on dramatic performances in the back garden. 


She appeared as Walder Frey's put-upon, horrifically murdered wife, Joyeuse in Season 3 of Game of Thrones at the Red Wedding; as the inquisitive Ella in the Nutcracker Ball for Disney in an immersive event by Myriad in Marylebone; and as the lost and lonely Emily in the short film Forever Freedom, which was shown at the Waterford Film Festival. At the Lyric Theatre, Belfast she multi-roled various soldiers and politicians in Howard Brenton’s 55 Days.


She trained first at the Lyric Theatre, Belfast's Drama Studio, then at the Arts Educational Schools, in London, graduating in 2018.


She specialises in immersive theatre and alternative performance, has experience in Spoken Word and loves writing and devising her own material.


Over the years, she has developed a number of skills including medieval dance, stage combat, horse-riding, and archery.

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