Lewis Spencer

Lewis Spencer

Lewis was raised in the heart of the Welsh countryside. He caught the acting bug after playing Fred in his school’s production of A Christmas Carol, and seeing a Welsh Hamlet at Theatr Clwyd. He came to London and graduated in Drama and Theatre Arts at St Mary’s University, Twickenham, in 2018.


At university, Lewis played a variety of roles - a frustrated young school boy, Dean, in James Graham’s Bassett, an arrogant student, Lloyd, in Blue Stockings by Jessica Swale, and a soldier struggling with PTSD, Rob, in Mike Bartlett’s 13. He also completed an extensive acting for television course.


At the Baron’s Court Theatre, he was Richard, the Narrator in Luck of The Draw, a new play about the families left at home during the First World War. At Glastonbury Festival he played a manic Lysander in A Midsummer Night's Dream.


Lewis has experience running drama workshops and directing young people.  He has written comedy, performing and acting in his own short plays and sketches.


He can juggle three balls at a time, strum four chords on a guitar and carry five plates to your table along with a perfectly-pulled pint.

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