Michael Guthrie

Michael Guthrie


Michael was born in Bristol and spent most his childhood retrieving his football from the waters of the harbour. He discovered his passion for acting during his years at Bristol Old Vic Youth Theatre and in 2017 he graduated from the BA acting course at East 15.

The roles Michael played whilst training include Woodes Rogers, a pirate-hunting Bristolian who sailed the world in Che Walker’s Ann Bonny and Mary Read, David, a sensitive fourteen-year-old boy who tries to find his identity in an ever expanding and scary world in Jonathan Harvey’s Babies and the disillusioned Duke of Milan in Shakespeare’s The Two Gentlemen of Verona.

Since graduating, Michael has played the bumbling Sandomirsky in Four People at The Rich Mix Theatre Dacha festival. The piece followed a mysterious man entering a train, pulling a gun on the passengers, and then forcing them to act out bizarre stories that he had created for them!

Michael toured London schools in Theatre ADAD’s Wasted. He played Ryan, a gentle 15 year old boy who through bad influences falls into the isolated world of drug abuse.

Michael likes to perform spoken word around the bars of London and is a competent guitarist. He is a keen player and watcher of football although he does always have to give a disclaimer after saying which football team he supports.


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