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Simon Chappell in Dora Versus Picasso

Simon Chappell has been appearing in Dora Versus Picasso at The Drayton Arms.

A chance meeting between DORA MAAR, a young surrealist photographer and the World famous painter, PABLO PICASSO would change both their lives forever.

Already successful in her field, Dora is said to be a ‘tough cookie’ in a society where women have no vote and an art world where female artists can survive only as the nude model/mistress or muse of a male painter. Picasso, who is reputed to be hard on women, finds Dora not only intriguing, but irresistible. The trauma and inner loneliness underlying his paintings and his cynicism is what draws Dora to this great man, even to fall in love with him.

But as the strains of war increase, their relationship becomes increasingly fraught. Can they both emerge from their shattered relationship intact? How far is too far?


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