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Daniel Copeland Records The Sentence by Alistair Fruish

Daniel Copeland has completed an audio recording of outsider novel The Sentence, by Alistair Fruish, directed by Daisy Campbell.

Entirely written in words of one syllable, with no punctuation, the book imagines a future where societal collapse has led to a prison system where inmates suffer strange new punishments, and one must experience several lifetimes as only a few hours pass in the real world - The Sentence.

Alan Moore has described: The Sentence as

“an intravenous rush of monosyllables that runs according to the clock of an extremely Long Now… a breathless and head-first synaptic plunge into austere and yet excitingly fresh territory, effortlessly blending informed social protest, literary experiment and existential science fiction/horror from its first chivvying word to its single and memorable full stop. Compassionate, ingenious and more than modern, the book casts a new and startling light on the idea of doing time. Experience it in a single sitting like its guinea-pig narrator, as a not-so-short sharp shock, and it will stay with you forever like a penitentiary tattoo. A bold, bar-rattling gem.”

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