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Jerry Killick - Under Bright Light with Forced Entertainment

Jerry Killick is back on tour with Forced Entertainment in their new show Under Bright Light.

Under a sky of cool white light six figures in identical blue overalls get to work shifting tables, chairs, ladders and cardboard boxes. Things go from one pile go to another, and from there to another and from there to yet another. Boxes are stacked, tables set down, chairs shunted and then carefully placed. The figures work with determination, heads down, no nonsense but despite their best efforts the task is somehow never completed.
Forced Entertainment’s Under Bright Light is a Sisyphean slapstick, a warehouse somewhere in a cartoon hell, a brash video game on a broken loop. Glitch by glitch, error by error, subversive move by subversive move, the machine goes wrong, descending into chaos, reinventing and transforming itself in unexpected ways.

Full details at Forced Entertainment.


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