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The Confessions with Jerry Killick

Congratulations to Jerry Killick on a successful opening in The Confessions with the A Zeldin Company in Vienna.

The Confessions is the latest work by British author Alexander Zeldin, who tells vivid stories of our time to hold a mirror up to reality. He has spent long periods working in countries such as Russia and South Korea, but after working as an assistant director for Peter Brooke and Marie-Helene Estienne, he achieved great success with Beyond Caring, the story of a group of night shift workers in precarious working conditions in a meat factory.

The play is based on the life of the author’s mother: from her birth in Australia in 1943 to growing up working class, seeking an education, and then starting over as a divorced woman in London and establishing a family - Alice’s character lives through the social changes of the late 20th and early 21st century. Her loves become the common thread of both personal and collective emancipation. In brief psychological scenes, the cast sensitively focuses on selected moments in a life spanning almost eight decades.

Announced Tour Dates 2023


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