We are a London based cooperative actors' agency. We are looking for brilliant, proactive actors who would also be fantastic agents.  


We are open to applications and are especially keen to meet:- 

  • Experienced Actors aged 30 to 50 with strong professional credits.

  • Actors from the Global Majority and under represented groups.

  • New Graduates.

  • Actors with Drama School Training.

  • Actors with musical skills.


As a co-op we give our time and energy as agents for each other, that means submitting our clients for work, organising auditions, and sharing the good news when we get a job.  


In a co-op you can be in direct control of your career, know what is going on in the business, and instantly gain the support of a network of experienced actors. At the moment we ask members to staff the office once a week and attend a meeting once a month.

If that sounds interesting get in touch! You can email us with a Spotlight CV, a show invite or showreel, an idea of what skills you could bring to a cooperative, and why you think you would be a good fit.


If you want to know more about how cooperative agents work we recommend this article.


We cannot guarantee responding to everyone due to the number of applications we receive, but we do give every application careful consideration.