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Alex Ansdell In Red Pill at The Lion and Unicorn Theatre

Alex Ansdell joins the cast of Red Pill by Blue Bar Productions at The Lion and Unicorn Theatre.

This “insightful, intense and engrossing” political drama shines a light on the origins of the most seismic, yet least understood, political movement of our times. Red Pill takes its audience on a journey of radicalisation to the darkest corners of the internet, dramatising the chilling story of how the far-right used #Gamergate to indoctrinate millions of young people into its hateful, genocidal, fascist ideology.

Nominated 'Most Innovative Play' Standing Ovation Awards
"Insightfully written...intense and engrossing" ★★★★ .5 - London Pub Theatres
"A timely watch" - Theatre Full Stop


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