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Cyril Blake

Cyril Blake


Yorkshire native and from a working-class background, acting was never considered a realistic career choice for Cyril in his younger days. After training as a filmmaker and relocating to London to work in the industry, he moved in front of the camera as a way to satisfy his creative urges.

He enjoys creating characters in new writing like Going for Gold, based on the life of boxer Frankie Lucas, which took three awards, including Best Production, at the Black British Theatre Awards.

On film, he was in the BAFTA winning short film Black Cop and was the male lead in horror film The Darkness.

Cyril has extensive experience in immersive theatre, including Alcotraz and Phantom Peak. He has also tackled family-friendly fare such as playing the Cowardly Lion in an interactive version of The Wizard of Oz.

An occasional writer, he has also created a one-person show, Bonding, which takes a humorous and emotionally affecting look at the changing ways that men express their masculinity in an ever-evolving society.

As well as acting, Cyril has a passion for British sitcoms and produces a regular podcast taking an in-depth look at the history of the genre. He has made numerous appearances on television as a talking head expert.

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